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12.86 kg
9 cm

This is a top-quality Siberian woolly mammoth tusk (Mammuthus primigenius) in an immaculate condition. This tusk was recovered from the Siberian permafrost in 2015. When it was found the very tip of this tusk was slightly broken (pictures available upon serious requests).

Under our personal supervision the tip of this tusk has been grooved back into shape by one of the world’s best tusk restorers. Other than that this tusk was simply covered with a thin layer of transparent wax (a standard procedure on all of our pieces). The restoration work on this tusk is less than 1%. Apart from the very tip, the ivory of this tusk is of the highest grade. This is as close as it gets to perfection. The patina structure and colour variations on this tusk are incredible.

Weight: 12.86 kg | 28.35 lb

Length: 177 cm | 69.68 in

Max diameter: 9 cm | 3.54 in

Age: Over 10,000 years

Origin: Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Please take note that this tusk is suitable as a rare, luxurious decorative object. It is also suitable for carving. However, we do not wish to sell it as mammoth ivory material to be cut into slabs. The custom-made wooden stand is included in the sale.

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