€ 89.990,00 + 19% TVA Info Article #0005584
59.1 kg
16 cm

This is an ultra-rare Siberian woolly mammoth tusk (Mammuthus primigenius) in an immaculate, natural condition. This stunning tusk was recovered from the Siberian permafrost in 2015 where it has been perfectly preserved for thousands of years. The ivory of this tusk is of highest quality.

In over 20 years in this niche market, we have not seen a mammoth tusk of this beauty. This is an absolute rarity of our natural history, possibly never to be found again in this condition. The impressive curve, the huge diameter, the stunning structural pattern of the surface, the colours – it comes as close to perfection as one can imagine.

This tusk is covered with a thin layer of transparent wax – natural matte finish (a standard procedure on all of our pieces).

Weight: 59.10 kg | 130.29 lb

Length: 250 cm | 98.42 in

Max diameter: 16 cm | 6.29 in

Age (both tusks): Over 10,000 years

Origin: Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Please note that this tusk is suitable as an impressive decorative object. It is also suitable for use in a museum. We do not wish to sell this piece as mammoth ivory material to be cut into slabs and / or be carved. The custom-made steel stand is included in the sale.

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